The BUTTER 24/48

This year's event will be staged at St Joseph's Nudgee College, 199 Sandgate Road, Boondall, QLD 4034 - An international standard athletics track The Nudgee facility is a superb venue and is likely to produce some stand out performances throughout the event.  The track surface is the Sandwich System (EPDM and PU composite) which offers cushioning and rebound, both of which favour endurance events.


Friday, September 24th - 26th, 2021


24th 10:00 - 48 Hour, $345

25th 10:00 - 24 Hour, $230

25th 16:00 - 6 Hour/Marathon, $110

25th 22:00 - 12 Hour, $170

26th 09:00 - Kids Race, $Free


If you've not run a track ultra before, it's easy to imagine that it will be the monotony that gets you before time or distance.  You'd be wrong!

Track ultra remains the purest form of ultra running.  Perhaps second only to the last one standing format, it revels in it's ultra simplicity.  Simply how far can you go in a set timeframe.  It ends when it ends, there's no DNF, you get what you get.

Make no mistake, it won't be what you expect and though it maybe something of a cliché, you will experience personal growth in abundance.

  • All electrolyte and race fuel provided by AAA Racing, courtesy of Hammer Nutrition

  • ALL participants will receive a memento

  • Space to erect small tents for crew

  • Space for gazebos/crewing equipment to be erected trackside

  • Toilets and showers trackside

  • Simple food preparation facilities for participants and crew

  • AURA qualifying event

  • Walking lanes assigned

  • IAAF certified track