BUTTER 24 - Qld. State Championships


Track ultra from 6 hour to 48 hour


This year's event will be staged at St Joseph's Nudgee College, 199 Sandgate Road, Boondall, QLD 4034 - An international standard athletics track The Nudgee facility is a superb venue and is likely to produce some stand out performances throughout the event.  The track surface is the Sandwich System (EPDM and PU composite) which offers cushioning and rebound, both of which favour endurance events.



Friday, September 24th - 26th, 2021


  • All electrolyte and race fuel provided by AAA Racing, courtesy of Hammer Nutrition

  • ALL participants will receive a medal/trophy

  • Random draw prizes

  • Space to erect small tents for crew

  • Space for gazebos/crewing equipment to be erected trackside

  • Toilets and showers trackside

  • Simple food preparation facilities for participants and crew

  • AURA qualifying event

  • Walking lanes assigned

  • IAAF certified track



9:00 - Kids Race (800 metres)

10:00 am - all events finish

11:00 am - presentations
                (subject to change)

Start Times & Pricing


10:00 - 48 Hour


10:00 - 24 Hour

16:00 - 6 Hour/Marathon

22:00 - 12 Hour








event rules & conditions


As this is an IAU certified event, the following crewing rules must be observed or competitor disqualification may occur:

  • Crew/helpers may not enter the course nor obstruct any athlete. They may hand the refreshment to the athlete either from behind, or from a position no more than one metre in front or to the side of, the refreshment table.

  • Crews are not able to pass food/drinks to their competitors anywhere else on the track outside of the defined Crewing Zone.

  • Crews are not allowed to run/walk with competitors at any time during the race.


In practice, what this means is that if a runner needs to give instructions to their support crew, or a crew has to provide information to the runner, they either have to do it in the seconds that the runner passes by the table or the runner has to stop for more detailed interactions.

Lane Etiquette & Turnarounds

  • Please always be considerate of other competitors on the track.  

  • Track etiquette should enable the faster runners/walkers to pass on the inside of the track. If you are using the inside lane please do so only in single file. 

  • If you wish to run or walk alongside another runner or walker please move into the outside lanes.  

  • If you are doing some slower laps please move away from the inside lane to enable faster entrants to pass without having to move around you.

  • 48 hour runners will change direction approximately every 4 hours for the first day.  From the start of the 24 hours, all events will change direction every 3 hours.  In each instance, the turn will be made around a cone placed at the 200 metre marker in 2.

  • When turning, please do so from inside to outside (moving from lanes 1 and 2 to lane 3 around the cone), making sure you do not impede any other participant.  Remain in the outer lane until all runners have been passed in the reverse direction.

  • If a runner is off the track at the time of a direction change, the runner must complete the lap in the same direction they were heading at the time of leaving the track, before completing the direction change at the 200 metre marker – be sure to notify the timers when this is the case.


In accordance with IAU protocols, in time-limited events any partial laps completed at the end of the race will be accurately measured with a measuring wheel.

  • During the last 5 to 10 minutes of the race competitors will be handed a small marker with their race number on it. This is to be held until a final siren signalling the end of the chosen race. 

  • It is recommended that competitors gradually ease down their speed and move close to the track edge during the last 10 sec countdown so that they can stop walking/running abruptly at the final signal (if you are on target for a pre-nominated record or target, exception to this recommendation is permitted).

  • The marker bag should be dropped as close as possible to the edge of the track.

  • A Race Marshal will soon attend to each competitor, check their number, mark their finish position and then acknowledge that it is OK to depart the track. Competitors are allowed to have a helper bring them a blanket/warm clothes and a chair if required.




  • No smoking, alcohol or pets allowed in the boundaries of the venue during the entire period of the event.  Note: This applies to participants, crews and spectators.

  • The timing/lap scoring tent/office is strictly out of bounds to all except those involved in lap scoring.  All queries can be submitted to the race director or crew and will be investigated at the discretion of event officials at an appropriate juncture.  If conditions permit, there will be a live display provided as well as results posted live to a web page (URL to be advised).

  • Portable music players may be used for all except the first and last 15 minutes of the race.

  • If walking or running slower laps, please leave sufficient space on the inside of lane 1 to allow those moving faster to pass.  If you are walking an event, you will be restricted to lane 3 and outward (your distance will be calculated allowing for the 14 metre difference between lanes 1 and 3).


  • Entry to and from the track (to toilets, crew, etc.) must be conducted at the same location.  

  • Athletes taking extended breaks from the track or withdrawing from their event should alert the race director/crew.  If withdrawing, it is essential that your timing chip is returned immediately or you may be subject to a replacement fee.

  • Crew support is only allowed from the tables used by each athlete on the home straight (may be extened into the 200 metre bend or to the outside of the track if deemed necessary by event management). The remaining areas of the track is a No Crew Zone for any interaction with participants. Please be aware that the competitor may be DISQUALIFIED if they receive support in the no crew zone with the exception of medical emergencies.

  • No supporter pacing is allowed, including anywhere on the inside of the field or in any of the outer lanes.  It is strongly recommended that all runners and crews runners read and understand the following document.  This will be scrutineered with regard to any participants who have indicated that they are pursuant of any records and it's recommended that they review the 'Assistance to Athletes Guidelines' provided by AURA.

  • Competitors are responsible for the actions of their crews and supporters.

  • All complaints and/or protests to be made in writing to the race director HERE.

  • Violation of any item listed under the 'Event Rules & Conditions'  and 'Regulations' sections on the event website (https://www.aaaracing.com.au/butter24) may lead to disqualification.

  • Any appeals must be made within 30 minutes of a given incident and must be made to the race director or event official.  The appeal will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the race director, timing official (if applicable) an a representative of AURA.  The decision of the panel will be final.

  • Where possible, participants are to advise in advance by email HERE of any record attempts.  Crews of these competitors should work with the timing official to alert of upcoming key distances/times that need recording other than final totals (e.g. distance or time records set within a longer event - some require extra stopwatch validation or markers dropped on track with wheel measurement for ratification).

  • RFID timing is as reliable as it gets.  The chips used for this event are high end (worn on a neoprene strap around your ankle) and if you hear a beep, we have your lap.  If you don't hear one, please report it immediately.  Laps do not disappear and systems do not miscount digital reads.  We cannot account for any laps run in the event you do not have your chip on or in the unlikely event that a chip fails and it goes unreported.  Crews should take responsibility for ensuring their runner is always wearing their chip, particularly when the chip has been taken off for socks changes or showers, etc.

  • Each athlete will receive two race numbers which are to be securely pinned front and back (not on the side).  It is best to place these on a race number belt or vest for easy changing of clothes.  While these numbers do not have a timing chip, if they are not worn or are obscured this could interfere with any lap recording in the event of a failure.

  • Each walker must walk honestly in such a way that he/she is not gaining an unfair advantage over other competitors through his/her mode of walking and must comply with current race walking rules.  Styles ranging from proper race walking to brisk street walking are acceptable.  Current race walking rules can be found on the IAAF page HERE.  Walkers attempting walking records will be notified of any infringements observed and may be withdrawn if repeated warnings are not observed.

  • Race rules are not able to include every possible scenario that can play out in long endurance events. Fair play, good sportsmanship and the absence of actions perceived of as gaining unfair advantage are deeply appreciated.


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