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Hilloween at The Jerry Springer

Hilloween is staged on The Jerry Springer, Mt Pleasant (10km NW of Dayboro - HERE)


A 2.5km round trip with 200 metres of ascent/descent (8,000 metres/100 km!)


October 28th/29th, 2022


18:00 - 12 hour, $92.50

18:00 - 6 hour, $72.00

00:00 - 6 hour, $72.00

03:00 - 3 hour, $51.30

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The Jerry Springer doesn't take many prisoners and the climb starts within thirty metres of the start line.  Heading up toward the D'Aguilar Range Road through natural, untainted bush, we promise that both the finish of the six and twelve hour events will be greeted by a specatular Jerry Springer sunrise.

Tony Williams of Blue Mountains fitness set the initial record for the course  with 23 laps and 57.5km back in 2019, retiring with nearly two hours to spare to protect a worsening injury, and surpassed by Ryan Crawford with 25 laps and 62.5km, set in the last event before the 2020 lockdown (he did complete 26 laps but just missed the cut-off for the final descent).

The current record was set by Sam Christie in 2022, who completed 26 laps inside cut-off for 65km and 5,200 metres of elevation.

We'll provide the essentials, water, soup, coffee, etc.  all you have to do is keep going up and down as many times as you can for as long as you can.

All you have to bring is yourselves and a headlamp!

Entries are limited as parking will be limited.  So, if you're up for the challenge, get in quickly!

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