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AAA Racing - Our Vision

AAA Racing has come about as a result of coordinating events in South East Queensland and, more recently, interstate for the best part of two decades.  From early on assisting with the oldest 100 mile event in Australia to more recently directing national championship events.

It's of paramount importance to us that all our activities are conducted safely and securely, with the well being of our participants, clients and crew at the fore.

It's our belief that if the event is safe, everything else falls into place - meeting the needs of our clients, participants and all stakeholders being the end result.

To achieve this, not only to we draw on over twenty years of experience across multiple disciplines but also design and implement strict race management and risk management strategies which are applicable to all events that we stage and how we conduct our coaching.

In short, it's our belief that a safe event is a good event and a good event means we have delivered.  This is applicable to both our event management and our coaching strategies.

The Team
Alun Davies

Events & Marketing Director


Having raced MTB and played rugby union at club representative level in his homeland of Wales, in recent years race director, Alun Davies, has run 60+ events of marathon or greater (including 46 ultra marathons), as well as cycling many 'Grand Fondo' events. 

With multiple 100 mile finishes on the trail, he's ventured more recently into the world of triathlon which meant having to learn to swim from scratch (!). 


Currently rehabilitating from injury, personal participation has taken a back seat to race organisation and building the calendar of established AAA Racing events and living vicariously through the achievements of coaching clients!

Susannah Harvey-Jamieson

Events and Resource Manager


Susannah has an ultra-running resume that would be the envy of many.  With her roots in Scotland, she has represented Australia at multiple Commonwealth and World Championships and is no stranger to the toughest events on the calendar.

One of only three people to complete the original and thus far only Australian 'Slam' (GH100, GNW100, GOW100 and C2K in the same year), she has also completed the Badwater Ultra Marathon and the West Highland Way 100 mile in Scotland (twice).

With many more achievements her name, suffice to say, you'd be hard pushed to find an athlete with her level of experience in race organization.

Cheryl Kiernan

Operations and Support


If Cheryl isn't running, she's working.

As an athlete who's building something of a portfolio of her own (she's regularly on the podium and won the Glasshouse 100 at her last visit), Cheryl has a great understanding of what runners needs may be.  AAA Racing regulars will have seen her coordinating start/finish areas and ensuring that everything is where it needs to be.  During some of the logistically large events she's become critical to our operations particularly when we've a big course to look after.

Cheryl is regularly there from start to finish for longer events such as The Clint Eastwood and BUTTER 24/48

Greg Ponych

Event Support Crew

If you check check out ultra results on a national level, Greg's name pops up everywhere.  Whether it's on the track, in the mountains or a road marathon, he's everywhere.


As well as taking on some of our bigger events, he has become a stalwart of our support crew over the last few years and we've often been able to rely on him at short notice to single-handedly looking after a checkpoint.

You'll typically see him helping us to load out and pack up, while having been somewhere out in the bush for 12 hours between tending to everyone else's needs.

Cam Munro

Event Support Crew

Cam's probably one of the wiser ultra-runners out there and is very selective about the events he has on his own calendar, but that's not to say he doesn't take part in some way or another.

It's a bonus for us as his enthusiasm for supporting both ourselves and his fellow athletes means we get his services on a regular basis, particularly when we've a lot of ground to cover on courses such as the BVRT100s and the Glasshouse 100.

For the past two years he's been indispensable as part of our support crew for the 200 mile event on the BVRT.

Ben Dennien

Event Support Crew


Some people just want to help!

Ben is the guy you can rely on to bring a smile to your face when everything's been turned upside down and will just dive into whatever needs to be done and get on with it.

As with most, we're not always able to benefit from his services, but when we are, he brings a fantastic vibe with him and just looks for any opportunity to improve the experience of those around him.

And he 'spins the disks' at BUTTER24/48!

AAA Coaching
AAA Coaching

No matter what your goal, we're not your typical coaching setup.  Our coaching is based on experience across a multi-sport background from fundamental fitness right up to Australian representation at ultra distances – rugby union, MTB, road and trail running (almost different sports!) – with the running element spread from 5 km for no end but fitness to 100 mile ultra-marathons and beyond.

Whether you’re simply looking to get fit, run your best Parkrun, embarking on your first marathon or fronting up for an ultra-marathon, we can tailor a schedule to suit or a session by session fitting.




We can coach on-line, one to one (dependent on location) or in a group, whatever suits.


We start by making an individual assessment and analysis to determine your current level of experience, technique and, probably most important, your goals. This is done with a combination a one to one analysis and a visual assessment (where applicable)

From here, we can go one several ways:

  • A fortnightly fee (payable bi-weekly or four weekly) which will include a monthly training plan provided in advance (once an initial adjustment period of 2 weeks has been carried out - variable dependent on the needs of the individual)

  • One on one sessions can be conducted in person dependent on location.  Ongoing sessions carried out in person will incur an hourly fee unless part of a customised package.

  • Group sessions – details dependent on the nature and needs of the group (see below).

Our coaching will include advice on general conditioning with a cross training plan if applicable.


Group coaching and corporate group fees are determined depending group size, location and the nature of coaching required.

Drop us a line at to find out more

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