The Clint Eastwood LOSER - Friday August 15th 2021


Oxley Creek Common, Brisbane South

Massive congratulations to Ryan Crawford for taking out the win and also to Cam Munro, for the second year in a row, for pushing him all the way (it's an individual team event, right?).

The event is now truly on the map and though COVID-19 put paid to the father of The Barkley Marathons and the Big Dog's Backyard Ultra, Lazarus Lake (aka Gary Cantrell) attending with the AAA Racing team in 2020, we already can't wait to see what the next episode brings in 2021.

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About the Clint Eastwood

Imagine being in an event whereby every hour, on the hour, the playing field was levelled and every participant was, by default, tied for the lead with the slate wiped clean. No matter your pace, your strength, ability or mental agility, each and every one of these facets would be given chance to come to the fore and be taken advantage of. Every participant, if they stick at it long enough, would possibly realise the opportunity to apply their strengths at a premium.

Welcome to 'The Clint Eastwood' - we're particularly excited to have none other than Gary Cantrell, aka Lazarus Lake (director of the Barkley Marathons and the man behind the Last One Standing concept), visiting in 2020 and joining the AAA Racing crew.  


The Course/Event

  • Run entirely on smooth minimal elevation mostly along Oxley Creek

  • 1 lap per hour

  • 6.706 km/lap with 69 metres of ascent/descent each lap

  • Be ready to start your next lap on the hour (at the ring of the bell) to continue … inches matter! (see rule 4, it’s as much about management as it is athletic ability)

  • Last one standing has to complete another hour on their own to win or they’re also a DNF

  • All 'non-winners' get a DNF medal and memento to commemorate their failure

Start/Finish area:

  • Cooking amenities

  • Food and electrolyte for competitors

  • First aid

  • Participants may use their own crew, but it’s not essential.


For the statisticians among you, a matrix of distance and time (a list of distances reached at each hour/lap) can be downloaded from here!

The Rules

  1. Each lap runs out to the ‘Secret Forest’ and back via Pelican Island in both directions - the time limit for each lap be one hour

  2. Starting Corral​

    • ​Will be measured to fit the starting field​

    • Will remain the same size throughout the event

    • Participants must be in the corral at the bell/horn

  3. Starts

    • Each lap starts precisely 1 hour after the last

    • A warning will be issued 3, 2 and 1 minute prior to the start of each lap

    • All participants must start at the bell/horn from the corral (no exceptions)

  4. Laps​

    • Except for restrooms, participants may not leave the course until each lap is completed​

    • No non-participants (crew) on the course, including eliminated runners

    • No personal aid during the lap, other than from the aid station at the turn around checkpoint

    • Each lap must be completed within the hour, including the final lap

    • No artificial aids, including trekking poles

    • Participants may utilise the assistance of event crew or other participants crews if available between laps

  5. Once we have a single participant ‘standing’, he or she must complete a lap alone within the hour to win

  6. If no single runner can complete a final lap, there will be no winner and thus, all participants will be recorded as a DNF with the amount of full laps completed against their name – if this is the case, the ‘Last One Standing’ will be recognised as such but will be a DNF

  7. Instruction from any event crew/marshal must be adhered to while on course

  8. Race directors decisions in all matters are final


Please contact us at if you need any further information or if you need to make other arrangements to enter.


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