The D'Aguilar Marathon - Two 'Ups'


Starting and finishing at the Jerry Springer, Dayboro, the D'Aguilar Two 'Ups' is named after the infamous Major General Charles D'Aguilar and in deference to the ANZACs and the traditional (but illegal) game of '2 Up'

Both the Marathon and ½ Marathon courses have considerable elevation and are set to be challenging but achievable. 


There's nothing super technical but there's also nothing bland with both events run through a variety of surrounds.

With generous cut-offs for both it's fair game for anyone.



Saturday, April 25th, 2020 - ANZAC Day

The Route


This event literally takes place in the AAA Racing & Coaching backyard!

  1. Start at the Jerry Springer, Dayboro, both the half marathon and marathon head up toward Range Rd.

  2. From here, participants turn right downhill before turning left up Byron Creek Rd

  3. Byron Creek Rd heads downhill and west before reaching Jacky Creek Rd and turning left.

  4. Other than the start, this is the first big climb of the course and you'll be glad to get to CP1 at just under 6 km

  5. From CP1, continue along Jacky Creek Rd, making the most of the downhill before ascending back to Range Rd and CP2 (10 km)

  6. Continue south up Range Rd and to the half marathon turn around at just over 11 km and head back to CP2 (cont. at item 11)

  7. The marathon continues along Range Rd toward the May Creek Rd intersection and CP3 (15.5 km)

  8. Head east down May Creek Rd until you reach the National Park boundary and make the turn back toward CP3 (the beginning of a 5 km climb)

  9. Reaching CP3 again, head south up Range Rd until the turn around at Kluver's Lookout and the highest point on the course (23.2 km)

  10. Return to CP3 for the last time, heading north before turning onto Butcher Shop Creek Rd (just to take in the scenery) before returning and rejoining Range Rd, continuing on to CP2 (31.5 km)

  11. Leave CP2 along Jacky Creek Rd - again, enjoy the descent before making the relatively short climb to CP1 (36.5 km/15.4 km)

  12. Leave CP1 heading east along Stolen Car Break

  13. Turn right on exiting Stolen Car Break, heading south along Range Rd until you reach the gate at the top of the Jerry Springer

  14. Turn left down the Jerry Springer as fast as your broken quads will allow and through the finish!


Map & Elevation

Full Course


Marathon Profile


½ Marathon Profile

½ Profile.png

Start Times & Pricing

  • 6:11 am (dawn) - Marathon - $130 

  • 8:00 am - ½ Marathon - $75

Cut- off for both events is 2:00 pm.


  • ​There will be first aid and logistical support throughout the course (SES).

  • Each checkpoint will have hydration, electrolyte and foodstuffs, etc.

  • There will be toilet facilities at CP1 and CP2


  • SES

  • RFS


Mandatory Kit

  • Please familiarise yourself with the course map and course directions, both of which can be found on this page. (maybe print off the map and carry a copy if you’re unsure of directions)

  • Capacity to carry 1.5 litres of water

  • Access to a map of the course - either by mobile device or printed map (available from this page)

  • Mobile phone (most areas or the course have coverage and having a phone means you can relocate to an area that has coverage if that’s not the case)

  • Race directors contact added to phone, Hopefully you won't need it, but if you do, you'll be glad of it:

Alun Davies - 0407 836 775

Recommended Kit

  • Insect repellent

  • Bite and sting treatment 

  • Compression bandage (cheaply available at most chemists) 

  • Emergency Whistle


During the Event


If you pull out or have to leave the course for any reason, please advise the checkpoint staff or those at the start finish area.

Practice mindfulness

Regardless of ability, please be mindful of other runners: If you’re a faster runner wanting to pass, advise the runner in front by all means, but be patient and don’t pressurise anyone. It can be unnerving and easily lead to a trip. Conversely, if you are aware of a faster runner behind you, take the utmost of care and allow them to pass when it’s safe. Many a runner/walker’s day can be blighted by the smallest of incidents and we want everyone to leave on Saturday night being a little better for their experience. Look after each other out there.

Health and injury

This isn’t the nanny state by any means but we are out on the trail. As per the waiver agreed to on entry, should you become injured or should event staff consider that you need medical attention or examination, do not continue until authorised to do so. If it’s deemed that it’s not in your interests to continue, you will be withdrawn from the event. We’d rather make the mistake of scratching someone who could continue than letting someone who shouldn’t.

Remember where you are

We don’t like to talk about it, but we are in Queensland and many of the locals aren’t so friendly if they’re frightened or disturbed. Watch where you’re putting your feet and keep a close eye on the ground as well as ahead.

We recommend that you carry a compression bandage and understand how to apply it. Take a look here:


On the Day


Course Marking

Course marking will consist of flagging tape, arrows on trees and signage where necessary


It is essential, with no exceptions, that each participant carries sufficient capacity for 1.5 litres of hydration


Any rubbish can be taken from you each time you visit a checkpoint. Anything that leaves the checkpoint with you must stay with you until you can dispose of it properly and not on the course. We’d like to set and maintain an example to those less conscientious.


Toilet facilities will be available at the start/finish area and at CP1/3.  Please do not remove paper from the toilets at the start/finish area.

The event crew are running the show

Cooperate with event crew/officials/volunteers all the times - they're there not only because they enjoy giving something back or participating in a different way, but because they have event experience. They know what they're doing and they'll be under instruction from the race directors. Under whatever circumstances, the event directors decisions are final ... and they're usually the same as the crew! :)


Finally, have Fun!
It is a compulsory requirement of all participants at AAA Racing events to have fun. Failure to have any fun will be frowned upon by the event management team!


Typical Refund Policy

  1. Refunds will be subject to flat admin charge + any merchandise pre-ordered against the entry

  2. Refunds limited to 50% eight weeks prior to any given event

  3. Refunds discontinued beyond four weeks prior to any given event

  4. Should events need to be rescheduled or cancelled, refunds may not be available but registrants may opt to enter an alternative event at an appropriately discounted or zero fee

Note: some events may have individual conditions applied that will be included in the registration information - please read the terms & conditions included in the waver upoon registration.  In addition, some events may not be appropriate for prams, strollers or wheelchairs.

* Merchandise may be subject to early entry and participation. Also, if registration numbers dictate a run/order of medals cannot be pressed they may not be awarded.  For registrations made less than 12 days prior to an event, merchandise may be mailed to the participant.

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