The Terra Tribe Glasshouse Series

The Glasshouse Series is made up five events:

  1. Wild Horse at Night (WH@N)

  2. The Wild Horse Criterium

  3. The Glasshouse 50 (Cook's Tour)

  4. Flinders' Tour

  5. The Glasshouse 100

To qualify for the 2022 series, you need to gain three finishes.

The 2021 Ladies Series was taken out by Cheryl Kiernan after a series long tussle with Olivia Stratford and John Robinson took the men's, pipping Kevin Muller by a half point by virture of the 'half points' rule in the final round.  Final standings below:

You can check the results of individual events at the AAA Racing Results home page

2022 - Current Standings
2021 Results