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The Glasshouse Series

The Glasshouse Series is made up five events:

  1. Wild Horse at Night (WH@N)

  2. The Wild Horse Criterium

  3. The Glasshouse 50 (Cook's Tour)

  4. Flinders' Tour

  5. The Glasshouse 100

To qualify for the 2023 series, you need to gain four finishes.

The 2022 Ladies' Series was taken out by Kylee Rolton, with Adrian Cherney taking the men's

Kylee in particular demonstrated that you don't have to be the strongest or fastest, with her consistency winning the day.

How does it work?

Series results points are calculated based on gender finish positions in four out of five events, your lowest three scores counting toward your total (three out of five in 2021 and 2022 to account for COVID disruptions):

  • 10th place = 10 points

  • 45th place = 45 points

and so on.

The last round of the series (The Glasshouse 100) scores half points:

  • 10th place = 5 points

  • 45th place = 22.5 points

This facilitates the possibilty of big changes in the standings in the last round and as such, the opportunity to go hard one last time to move higher up the rankings.  Whether it's for the overall position or rivalry between your own running group, there will be gains to be made.

You can check the results of individual events at the AAA Racing Results home page

AAA Racing Results Home Page

how does it work?
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2022 Series Results
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