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AAA Racing & Coaching - COVID-19 Virus

With the continuing situation brought about by the COVID-19 virus, there's been a wealth of information available that sometimes overlaps and often hides what may be relevant to you.


For our part, all we can do is continue to be consistent with the polices we've adopted since restrictions were imposed.  In short, follow the directives and guidelines disseminated as and when legislature has been applied then follow the monthly reviews.  You can view our most recent briefing here.

We will be operating along the guidelines outlined by the ACCC with regard to cancellation and postponement of events, most of which directly align with our longstanding policy which is included in every registration waiver and listed on every page of the AAA Racing & Coaching website.   Follow this link to view details of the ACCC - Consumer Rights & Guarantees.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@aaaracing.com.au if you have any questions or better still, learn everything you need to know with regard to the virus at the World Health Organisation website.

"... some of you will find yourself standing there in the corral come 1:00 am on August 15th, about to do exactly that [start lap 25].


Maybe with only a few others and maybe with a startled look on your face, surprised that, all of a sudden, you may be 'the guy' or gal who's going to pull this off." -


Alun Davies, Clint Eastwood RD

AAA Racing loyalty program

Any event you register for through 2019 qualifies you for a 10% loyalty program discount for the corresponding event in 2020.  The best bit is that you don't have to do anything to collect.

Just answer the related question when registering and there you go (just make sure your registration details are the same as those you used originally (DOB, email address, etc.).  Click on the link below to view our calendar for events currently open.




If you've never run, used to run, are already running and need a change of direction, we'll structure a plan specifically suited to your own requirements and the demands already placed on you.

We pay particular attention to time limitations and build sessions that get the utmost from the time you have available with a view to minimising impact on family and work.



If you're part of a club, association or simply a set of like-minded people, group coaching sessions may well be the way to go.

While not losing site of individual needs and goals, it's often the common interest that motivates and typically, activities undertaken in the company of friends and associates often produce the best results and it's often easier to start when you're in surrounded by individuals with a common objective.


The perfect arrangement for those with common goals and timeframes.

If you're in the company 'team' for the Brisbane Marathon, City to South, Gold Coast Marathon, Bridges of Brisbane or your weekly Parkrun, it's likely you're bound by the same training limitations as your cohort.

Why not undertake a joint schedule to prepare you for your upcoming goal?


About Us

AAA Racing has come about as a result of of coordinating and organising trail and ultra running events across two decades in South East Queensland and, more recently, interstate.  From early on assisting with the oldest 100 mile event in Australia to more recently directing national championship events.


Both as a participant and organiser, race director, Alun Davies, has run 60+ events of marathon or greater, as well as cycling many 'Grand Fondo' events. 


Susannah Harvey-Jamieson, as well as coordinating events in her own right, has completed in over 100 marathon and ultra-marathon events and is one of Australia's most experienced international representatives.

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