Our perspective is our vision

It's of paramount importance to us that all our activities are conducted safely and securely, with the wellbeing of our participants, clients and crew at the fore.

It's our belief that if the event is safe, everything else falls into place - meeting the needs of our clients, participants and all stakeholders being the end result.  We apply this to our relationships with our partners and associates with no exceptions.

To achieve this, not only to we draw on over twenty years of experience across multiple disciplines but also design and implement strict race management and risk management strategies which are applicable to all events that we stage and how we conduct our coaching.

In short, it's our belief that a safe event is a good event and a good event means we have delivered.  This is applicable to both our event management and our coaching strategies.


Refund policy during COVID-19 Restrictions

We will be operating along the guidelines outlined by the ACCC with regard to cancellation and postponement of events*, most of which directly align with our longstanding policy which is included in every registration waiver.   Follow this link to view details of the ACCC - Consumer Rights & Guarantees

​* refunds will not be issued and credit for any other event or transfer to the same event the following year will be applied - applicable to all events on the calendar, regardless of their current status.

Merchandise may be subject to early entry and participation. Also, if registration numbers dictate a run/order of medals cannot be pressed they may not be awarded.  For registrations made less than 12 days prior to an event, merchandise may be mailed to the participant.

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