'If they're good enough, they're old enough'

Society, social media in particular, throw words around so frivolously these days that they often become so meaningless as to not really be noticed. In particular, the oft used, 'You're so inspirational', seems to be applicable to just about anyone who's gotten off their backside and done anything that's remotely outside their (or someone else's) comfort zone.

There's no doubt that this example is the real deal though. For anyone to suffer from both the disease and the subsequent treatment and come out the other side absolutely changes their outlook in my (close to home a few times) experience. To get to the other side and race out of the blocks as this eight year old has done is quite something else.

However, it's difficult not to think that it's an incredible strain placed on a young body following the ordeal, for most, of chemotherapy and what the long term effect may be. I know as a coach - and can relate to one current instance - that it's generally thought to be folly for children of this age to be putting this much athletic stress on a growing body.

For now though, given the undoubted exuberance with which this lad approaches his running, it would be hard to argue that it's not good for him.

What are your thoughts?



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