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As the calendar becomes more and more congested, as an organiser it becomes ever more critical to bring something to an event that not only makes it appealing, but also makes for a safe (and thus enjoyable) experience.

One of the difficulties is the staging of multiple events in the same location. This is particularly true of the SEQ region where plantation forest around the Glasshouse Mountains area is host to many events (another having been added just this week). It's extremely difficult to bring something to an event that hasn't been seen or done before and more than that, over and over. As a result, established events suffer badly when, possibly, they should be getting the support or the local sporting community as opposed to competing directly with it.

The Glasshouse 100 Mile event is a case in point (currently hosted by Phil Hungerford and the team from 'Race Promotions'). This is the original Australian 100 mile event in which many Australian stalwarts have cut their teeth over the years. Staged on a very low key, almost informal basis, it can't compete with the likes of UTA and depends largely on loyalty and its history.

Glasshouse 100

For our part, we're looking to stage events that don't encroach on existing events and offer something that, dare I say, may be just a little more fun between goal events.

So, what brings you to an event? What's the difference that makes you think, well, 'Oh, that's different ... maybe I should go and check that out?'



Refund policy during COVID-19 Restrictions

We will be operating along the guidelines outlined by the ACCC with regard to cancellation and postponement of events*, most of which directly align with our longstanding policy which is included in every registration waiver.   Follow this link to view details of the ACCC - Consumer Rights & Guarantees

​* refunds will not be issued and credit for any other event or transfer to the same event the following year will be applied - applicable to all events on the calendar, regardless of their current status.

Merchandise may be subject to early entry and participation. Also, if registration numbers dictate a run/order of medals cannot be pressed they may not be awarded.  For registrations made less than 12 days prior to an event, merchandise may be mailed to the participant.

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