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Kyogle Half Marathon


All events head up to the trig point at Fairymount before run along the ridge overlooking the town and heading back to the finish. 

Half Marathon participants head down into Back Creek before heading back up the ridge to cross the finish line.


The 2020 event is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 4th​

Race Day

Races start from 6:30 am (Half Marathon) to 8:00 am (The Shorty).

On top of the overall results, our King and Queen of the Mountain, Tim Dennis and Alison Coote, kept their foot on the gas to take out the wins in the Half Marathon. The KOM split is at the trig point overlooking the town and is 8.7 km with 426 metres of elevation.


Alison - 50:48.0
Tim - 40:16.8


Tim's effort is all the more impressive given he missed the turn to the trig point, adding over 2 km before getting the split!



The event overall didn't disappoint and judging by the feedback from participants and festival committee, it was a hit (and we think we have the makings of a marathon course out there to add to the itinerary).  As well as runners from the region, we had a small contingent who made the trip down from Brisbane and to all who participated or helped put it together, we truly appreciate the support and enthusiasm.


Start Times & Pricing


6:30 am: In the Long Run - ½ Marathon

7:15 am: Middle of the Road - 12.5 km

8:00 am: The 'Shorty' - 8 km

Cut-off for all events is 11:00 am




2020 Fees TBC

Mandatory Kit

  • Water bottle (minimum 600 ml) for all participants - while the course will be well provisioned, in the unlikely event that you are injured or helping another runner, you may spend some time between aid stations and will be glad of it.

  • Please familiarise yourself with the course maps and directions when made available on this page (maybe print off the map and carry a copy if you’re unsure of directions).  All routes will be well marked but, in the extremely unlikely event that you miss a turn, it will help you get back on track

Accommodation & Tourism

As well as the Kyogle Half Marathon and the Fairymount Festival, the whole area has much to offer.  The Festival team are working on some deals with local accommodation but, in the meantime, why not explore Kyogle and the Villages yourselves, what you discover is up to you.


You can head out for a day of exploration in our World Heritage National Parks or enjoy some leisurely recreation at Toonumbar Dam

Take a journey of discovery along the scenic Lions Road and view the historically significant ’Border Loop’ railway spiral and tunnels.


You may choose to travel ‘West of the Range’ and visit the villages of WoodenbongBonalbo and Tabulam


Continue east and take in the expansive views to both east and west from the Mallanganee Lookout before returning to Kyogle. There’s so much to see and do so why not stay for a while?


Recommended Kit

  • Insect repellent

  • Bite and sting treatment 

  • Compression bandage (cheaply available at most chemists).

  • Access to a map of the course - either by mobile device or printed map (available from this page)

  • Mobile phone (most areas or the course have coverage and having a phone means you can relocate to an area that has coverage if that’s not the case)

  • Race directors contact added to phone, Hopefully you won't need it, but if you do, you'll be glad of it:

    Alun Davies - 0407 836 775

Race 'kit' - bibs and other items when applicable - can be collected at sign-in on race day unless otherwise advised.


On the Day


Course Marking

Course marking will consist of flagging tape, arrows on trees and other signage where necessary


It is essential, with no exceptions, that each participant carries a water bottle at the very minimum. There will be water at the start/finish area and at all checkpoints, along with some snacks/lollies.



Any rubbish can be taken from you each time you visit a checkpoint. Anything that leaves the checkpoint with you must stay with you until you can dispose of it properly and not on the course. We’d like to set and maintain an example to those less conscientious.


Toilet facilities are available at the start/finish area. Please do not remove paper from the toilets at the start/finish area.

During the Event


If you pull out or have to leave the course for any reason, please advise the checkpoint staff or those at the start finish area.

Practice mindfulness

Regardless of ability, please be mindful of other runners: If you’re a faster runner wanting to pass, advise the runner in front by all means, but be patient and don’t pressurise anyone. It can be unnerving and easily lead to a trip. Conversely, if you are aware of a faster runner behind you, take the utmost of care and allow them to pass when it’s safe. Many a runner/walker’s day can be blighted by the smallest of incidents and we want everyone to leave on Saturday night being a little better for their experience. Look after each other out there.

Health and injury

This isn’t the nanny state by any means but we are out on the trail. As per the waiver agreed to on entry, should you become injured or should event staff consider that you need medical attention or examination, do not continue until authorised to do so. If it’s deemed that it’s not in your interests to continue, you will be withdrawn from the event. We’d rather make the mistake of scratching someone who could continue than letting someone who shouldn’t.


The event crew are running the show

Cooperate with event crew/officials/volunteers all the times, they have your safety in mind - they're there not only because they enjoy giving something back or participating in a different way, but because they have event experience. They know what they're doing and they'll be under instruction from the race directors. Under whatever circumstances, the event directors decisions are final ... and they're usually the same as the crew! :)


Finally, have Fun!
It is a compulsory requirement of all participants at AAA Racing events to have fun. Failure to have any fun will be frowned upon by the event management team!


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