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The Glasshouse 100 - the Original Miler

There have been lots of references to The Dungeon over the last few years and the route has been used through the long history of the Glasshouse Trail Series. It wasn't always the case but how did it get its name?

Well, it was ‘christened’ by a good friend of Alun’s, Glen Hendry. In the year of theirs and another good friend of theirs first ultra, while taking part in the 50km at the Glasshouse 100 event way back in 2007 (there were only four in it). Anyway, this was how it’s naming came about, in Glen’s words:


It was only ever known as ‘that tough bit between checkpoints 6 and 5’. There is a flat section of perfectly good road just above (Connection Rd) that the organisers could use but oh no, we have to go the longer, harder way.

In my third ultra, at around the 40km mark, with rain all week and the course like a bog, I was already suffering, so that tough section left its mark as it ate me up. And I referred to it as being in ‘The Dungeon’ in my race write up. After having been through there many times, I now look forward to it. Knowing how hard the climb out is, and knowing it’s coming up, makes it as much a psychological challenge as it is physical. Michelle [our mate] hates it because it’s shaded which can keep everything damp and the leaves are deadly slippery on some of the steeper descents.

For Alun’s two cents, its name is apt. It’s a Dungeon and you’re sentenced to how much time you’re prepared to stay in there. It’s only a few km, but it will knock you around if you push too hard early on but, if you look after yourself, you’ll love it!

Those in the picture below (left to right) are Alun Davies – What the hell was he wearing? - Michelle Healy, Glen Hendry and John Sellars (who won). Would you want to meet the lovely John Sellars (he’s a great guy) in a dark alley?! - how innocent were we back in 2007!

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