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Coming from a background of rugby union, MTB, golf(!), road and trail running and physical training instruction, as well as extensive exeperience in ultra running both here in Australia and overseas, the AAA Coaching team can guide you from the initial steps to hitting the road to preparation for your first ultra run.

No matter what your goal, we're not your typical coaching setup.  Our coaching is based on experience across a multi-sport background from fundamental fitness right up to Australian representation at ultra distances – rugby union, MTB, road and trail running (almost different sports!) – with the running element spread from 5 km for no end but fitness to 100 mile ultra-marathons and beyond.

Whether you’re simply looking to get fit, run your best Parkrun, embarking on your first marathon or fronting up for an ultra-marathon, we can tailor a schedule to suit or a session by session fitting.


We can coach on-line, one to one (dependent on location) or in a group, whatever suits.


We start by making an individual assessment and analysis to determine your current level of experience, technique and, probably most important, your goals. This is done with a combination a one to one analysis and a visual assessment (where applicable)

From here, we can go one several ways:

  • A fortnightly fee (payable bi-weekly or four weekly) which will include a monthly training plan provided in advance (once an initial adjustment period of 2 weeks has been carried out - variable dependent on the needs of the individual)

  • One on one sessions can be conducted in person dependent on location.  Ongoing sessions carried out in person will incur an hourly fee unless part of a customised package.

  • Group sessions – details dependent on the nature and needs of the group (see below).

Our coaching will include advice on general conditioning with a cross training plan if applicable.


Cost Item

Setup -

Includes initial consultation/assessment​

Consultation/Assessment -

Free if coaching is undertaken​

Per 4 weeks (on-line) -

Fortnightly ($80) or four weekly

1 to 1 session - 

Can be added independently of an existing schedule









Group coaching and corporate group fees are determined depending group size, location and the nature of training required.


Send us an email at for more information.


If you've never run, used to run, are already running and need a change of direction, we'll structure a plan specifically suited to your own requirements and the demands already placed on you.

We pay particular attention to time limitations and build sessions that get the utmost from the time you have available with a view to minimising impact on family and work.


If you're part of a club, association or simply a set of like-minded people, group coaching sessions may well be the way to go.

While not losing site of individual needs and goals, it's often the common interest that motivates and typically, activities undertaken in the company of friends and associates often produce the best results and it's often easier to start when you're in surrounded by individuals with a common objective.


The perfect arrangement for those with common goals and timeframes.

If you're in the company 'team' for the Brisbane Marathon, City to South, Gold Coast Marathon, Bridges of Brisbane or your weekly Parkrun, it's likely you're bound by the same training limitations as your cohort.

Why not undertake a joint schedule to prepare you for your upcoming goal?


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